Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips for Buying a used Musical Instrument

Tips for Buying a used Musical Instrument

There are advantages many to buying a used music instrument. Mostly ,  you may be able to find a good quality instrument at a lower price than buying a new one at a retail music outlet. On the other hand, there are also some risks involved when buying a used instrument if you're not experienced at finding a good deal. 

When buying a used musical instrument there are three things you should keep in mind:

Who previously owned it?? If you're buying it from a garage sale, then you might be able to meet the owner and ask him why they are selling it, how long it was used, etc. If you're buying it from an online shop, make sure they have a good customer satisfaction rating or even better, a return policy. If you're buying it from a music shop, ask the salesperson if it's possible to know the name of its previous owner, how long it's been for sale, etc.

If possible, ask someone who knows about music instruments to accompany you. Maybe you have a friend who plays the instrument you want to learn or your music teacher may be willing to help you. They can help assess whether the instrument is in good condition by playing it, listening to how it sounds and how it feels while they're playing it.

Make sure that the money you're paying for the used instrument is worth it. Research first how much the instrument costs if it's brand new; go to different shops, compare prices, compare the condition of the used instruments and assess whether it's truly a good deal.

Try not to rush into a sale if you can help it...there's a substantial amount of knowledge and research to be done to ensure you get a good deal!

any other tips out there?

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