Sunday, April 12, 2015

AMEB examination tips for all instruments!

Repeats in your performance Pieces:

You are not required to do any repeats in the examination..however no one is really stopping you doing them if you really want to! However , any Da Capo or Dal Segno indications MUST be these usually return to the beginning which changes the form or the whole piece moreso than a repeat of a section.

Even when not doing the repeats , its good to know how the signs work and what they mean as you could be asked about them in your General knowledge questions!

Pencil Marks:
whilst some general pencil markings are not going to get you in sure to get rid of anything that could be a clue in your general knowledge questions!

Page Turns in your Music:

It's a students responsibility to make sure their pieces can be played without altering anything to make time for a page turn...your performance should run smoothly without hesitations. You could solve any problems by photocopying extra pages or memorising any passages.

If you need to have a larger spread of Pages..consider a page turner , or bringing in an extra stand so that you can spread the pages out over two stands. Unfortunately , you cant be asking your examiner to help you out with page turns.

Having said that , whilst photocopies are generally not allowed during an examination , you can use them to assist with page turns , so long as you can show that you own the original music too!

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